• ClientSteel & Jelly
  • LocationOxford
  • SectorRetail

What We Did

The Brief

Steel & Jelly are a UK-based mens clothing label who approached us to produce a video to promote their Autumn/Winter catalogue. Being well known for our sartorial elegance (Best Dressed Cameraman 2015*), we were only too happy to help!

The theme was ‘English Gentlemen’ and our backdrop was Oxford. We worked closely with Steel & Jelly’s marketing team to create the narrative of three gentlemen scholars getting ready for a night on the town.


To capture the nighttime aesthetic we were after, shooting began at 5pm and ran into the early hours of the morning. As we were working alongside a photographer, scheduling was very tight, so we had to be on top of our game and keep the momentum going, even when energy levels were dropping.

We performed a thorough recce of the Oxford locations during the day to ascertain the lighting requirements and shot setups, so we could move fast on the night. As the video needed to adopt the same style and look as the photography, we shared similar lighting setups for consistency.

The Result

We produced an edit to be featured as a video background on their website and one for use in their flagship store in Birmingham. We also produced several teaser edits for Facebook and Instagram promotion in the run up to the launch of the Autumn/Winter catalogue.

The end result is something we’re incredibly proud of. We feel it perfectly encapsulates this unique, quintessentially British brand, which is confirmed by how well it’s been received by the client and their customers.

*Might contain blatant fabrication.

Jeanette Wong

It was important that our video oozed style and sophistication, so dramatic lighting and smooth, dynamic camera movement was essential. Our products look amazing, the shots are really cinematic and the soundtrack is perfect – the whole thing is so classy, we love it!

Jeanette Wong - Steel & Jelly

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