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The clue’s in the name. At StrategiQ Video, we always start with a clearly defined video strategy based on your business needs. No mean feat in its own right, but creating an engaging video is just the beginning. With so much competing content to contend with, you need a robust plan for connecting with your target audience. This is something we think about long before the cameras start rolling. Our strategies typically include:

Video strategy
  • Audience, industry & competitor analysis
  • A holistic approach to ideation & execution
  • Clearly defined performance metrics
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Customer Testimonial Video


Who are you trying to reach and where can they be found? Which messages are likely to resonate and what’s the best way to communicate them? What tools and resources are we going to need to tell your story effectively? How will video integrate with your wider marketing strategy? What timeframe are we working to and how will we measure success? These are the kind of questions we ask when we’re planning your video.

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  • We thoroughly interrogate your brief
  • Then provide a detailed proposal
  • Followed by a fleshed out treatment


Whether it’s live action or animation, our expert storytellers will make sure your key messages are front and centre. Well versed in directing professional actors and presenters, our real skill lies in setting interview subjects totally at ease – regular folk, not necessarily used to having lights and cameras in their face. As well as communicating your brand story, our main goal is to present your business in the best possible light. We do this with…

  • The latest kit and industry-leading software
  • Strategic partnerships with specialist service providers
  • Expertise in all aspects of video and digital marketing
Video delivery


Despite the best laid plans, there’ll always be a curveball or two, but fear not, our experienced video team are skilled problem solvers who will manage your project from concept to delivery and beyond. We can deliver your final cut in any format you like, whether it’s for uploading to YouTube or Vimeo, embedding directly on to your website, or destined for TV broadcast or cinema exhibition. We provide:

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  • A dedicated project manager to keep everything on track
  • Regular updates throughout the process
  • A commitment to meeting budgets and deadlines


So, here we are. We’ve produced an amazing video that captures your business and ethos perfectly. Now what? How do we promote it and make sure it gets the attention it deserves? Although video is a broadcast medium, we prefer a quality over quantity approach to ensure we get the right eyes on your content. This is where our strategy-driven approach pays dividends and how we deliver meaningful results for your business.

  • No seeding, just good old-fashioned targeted outreach
  • Full accountability to pre-defined KPIs
  • Campaign evolution via a test & learn approach

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